About Me

My name is Christie Mann and I love pretty, shiny things.
I’m also slightly addicted to FB and Pinterest, Chocolate and Lemon Cream biscuits.
I married my soul mate Kevin (after many years of swearing that I would never succumb to the institution of marriage) and we are blessed with two beautiful and absolutely perfect children, Christian, our little man and Chloe, our little hooligan. Our children are much older now though and have moved into the camera shy stage, avoiding photos at every opportunity.

I love kids in all shapes and sizes, grumpy faces, smiley faces, big eyes, big smiles – I love children’s parties and watching the awe on their faces when the cake comes out with candles and sparklers. And when they bash the pinata or taste their very first lollipop.

I am very lucky to be able to capture those moments for their parents.
With over 120 individual cake smash shoots under my belt, I have a wealth of experience in making your baby’s cake smash a fun experience for everyone.

I love the smell of newborns, the way their noses crinkle up to sneeze, the whirls of hair at the top of the crown, the little ragged nails and the perfect little shell ears covered in fine hair.
I love the look of absolute adoration in the parents’ faces, the love that shines through and lights up a room. I love the miracle that is a baby, how perfect he or she is.

But most of all I love clean, pure portraiture – showing babies and children and people at their best.

It’s such a great honour to be able to capture a moment and it’s even more special to know that my work will be handed down from generation to generation.

Christian and Chloe Spring Shoot

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